Happy Thanksgiving

A day for family, friends, food and warm fuzzy memories of family life. Traditions. Thankfulness. Only we are a fractured group here in Calvarytempleland. Not the pristinely pious people you see on the outside. Let’s share a sampling of our reality buried deep behind our smiles and lies.

Intact family units? Are there any? Not so much.

Pastor Steve cut off his sister, extended family.
Pastor Robbie cut off his initial wife and daughters and grandchild.
Pastor Forbe has cut off his brother, extended family.
Pastor Jon cut off his parents, sister, extended family.
Pastor Jim cut off his brother, extended family.
Pastor Tony has cut off his sister and extended family.
Erica outed her four children.
Raggios’ outed their two daughters.
Brights’ outed their two daughters and families.
Nantiers outed their daughter
Sarah  cut off her parents and brother.
Susan  left her husband.
Danielle  left her husband.
John David cut off his father.
Megan left her husband.
Christy left her husband.
Fitch kids cut off their parents, sister, extended family.
Joey  cut off his parents, brothers.
Linda outed her husband.
Bob outed his wife, extended family.
Konzals outed three of their children.
Schwartz’s cut off all four of their children.
Burrells’ outed three of their children.
Stocks cut off their son.
Tindles cut off their son.
Robinette outed his initial wife and children.
Robinette outed his first two wives.
Mike and Hannah cut off their parents, extended family

Oh many more have been in/out through our revolving door of discipline. Under strained/strict watching for signs of disobedience/dissent. They may be here today, and gone tomorrow without a word. Except: “Pray for them, they’ve walked away from god (Pastor).” Happy Thanksgiving everybody.